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@mariedeschanel27 is a Culinary participant with Alliance Abroad Australia, under the 407 Research and Training Visa.
She wants to share her story about her great program experience, but also how she had to live through the adversities of the Global Pandemic while being abroad:

“Being in an unfamiliar place/country is tough, but AAG helped me get through it. They provided me with the information that I needed even before I got to Australia to make it easier to cope with the culture and lifestyle.

This year has been very challenging, especially for us, 407 or non-immigrant visa holders. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, I was stood down from my job during the lockdown. AAG was in constant contact with me to make sure that I was doing fine and mentally intact. Despite the pandemic, I have someone to rely and count on. As soon as the restrictions were lifted, AAG did everything possible so I could return to my job as quickly and I’m very thankful for that.

And now, I’m working with Alatonero in McCrae, Victoria. Everyone is so nice and accommodating to work with. New workplace, new workmates and new learnings which is really fun and exciting. Thank you.”



Growing up in Mexico City, Melissa’s grandmother taught her the secrets to traditional cooking, inspiring a passion that led Melissa first to culinary school and then to a life-changing work abroad experience in America. Find out how Melissa’s journey elevated her career aspirations to new heights.



Sher thought she was well-prepared for life in the United States, but American culture is so different from the Philippines. No one back home would ever believe that someone so young could rise so quickly in the business world. Find out how it happened.



@jenny_gillot has been in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa for 1 year and 4 months, and she found her home @theprecincttavern_darwin. I only thought I’d be here for 3 months…I thought it’d be a quick trip. I was traveling up the East Coast as a backpacker, I ran out of money and I thought, I need a job quickly. I ripped up a piece of paper of all the places [in Australia] that I hadn’t been to, spun the bottle and it pointed to Darwin. I booked a flight the next day and I just feel like this is where I want to be. It’s the best thing that I’ve ever done.



@sam.kodo.16 is on a mission to modernize the African tech industry.

He is a current Alliance Abroad Trainee working with @zpryme, an Austin, Texas based research, media, and events company focusing on energy.

This opportunity in the United States is allowing Sam to follow his dreams and help to build a brighter future for his home country of Togo.



I used to live most of my life in a cold country so that’s why I decided to come and move to a warm place where there is sunshine, oceans all around, beautiful beaches and beautiful weather. I’ve been in Australia for two and half years … I came for my Work & Holiday Visa, and then I applied for a Student Visa because I love it in Australia! I live in Byron Bay, and my favorite thing about living in Byron is there are beaches very close, beautiful nature, beautiful views everywhere, and nice people all around. I’ve lived in many countries for my 30 years, and I think Australia is the best country. I definitely recommend Australia!



Raquel is a current Work & Travel Participant in Australia.

My dream has always been to travel to Australia, and with the help of Alliance Abroad, my dream has come true and is much more than I expected. I am working at the QT Hotel in Sydney, and I am learning skills that will help me get a job in a 5-star hotel when I return home. Alliance Abroad helped me with everything: my phone, job, gave me suggestions for things to do, and helped me to get a great apartment that is only a 15-minute walk to work. I also got to meet Irina, another participant through Alliance Abroad. I am really enjoying making new friends and my time in Australia!



Once you go overseas and start to explore, you see that there are so many possibilities. You don’t stress too much because you are here to work and also have fun! If it was just to work and stress, I could be home, it would be cheaper, easier and my parents would be there…but when you know that you are here alone, you have a more challenged spirit, you are more open minded to ask for help and to meet people. I think it’s awesome! Everyone has a different experience and all of them are great. You will find what you like here because this is a country that has everything for everyone. There are so many possibilities in Australia!



@xtine09 is a current Culinary participant with Alliance Abroad, under the 407 Research and Training Visa for almost 9 months.

It feels great that I am here! [Australia] is a great country to meet people and to see places. This is a new experience for me and this is a way for me to be independent. Currently, I am in Winter Garden, a fine dining restaurant here in @hydrobluemountains… What’s good here is that we can rotate to [different] kitchens. There are a lot more, and I am hoping soon that I can get into those sections to learn more. Also, Alliance Abroad is a great help for [people]. They responded to every question that I asked about my visa … Alliance Abroad is there to guide us, and I am satisfied with [my program]. Don’t be afraid to go to another country and be in a new experience. It’s a part of growing up. Just explore the place you are in and enjoy your stay while you are training.

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