Alliance Abroad Group has been a facilitator of cultural exchange experiences for 30 years. With headquarters in Austin, Texas AAG has successfully matched more than 125,000 international hospitality staff with many of the world’s leading tourism and hospitality companies.


In 2012, AAG launched its Australian operations, with its office on the Gold Coast. Our global team are cultural exchange advocates, we witness the power and importance of diversity. We celebrate individuality, embrace differences and enable learning opportunities.


We create safe harbors of tolerance in which people can come together for mutual understanding and benefit. We share the conviction that people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and countries are the backbone of Australian culture; a belief that we hope to export globally.


We adhere to rigorous standards to maintain high standing and accreditation within the cultural exchange and recruitment industries. We pride ourselves on world-class service, high-quality placements and 24/7 personal assistance prior, during and post experience.


Why partner with AAG?

By supporting Alliance Abroad programs, employers have a unique opportunity to play a part in our globalised world, to showcase Australia to students and young professionals and help support their career advancement and in return, garner international experience which will benefit you as a host employer.

Cultural exchange is a great alternative recruiting strategy for employers looking to augment their teams during seasonal or peak staffing periods or to enhance their business with international talent. Educated, experienced and enthusiastic employees bring lasting value by helping you achieve important business goals.

Motivated and multi-lingual, Alliance Abroad participants speak a common language of service excellence!





Cultural Exchange is not just about meeting diversity or corporate social responsibility goals; it’s also about making good business decisions.

Our Programs

In Australia we place candidates across a variety of programs – matching their experience, preferences and visa eligibility. These range from students to Working Holiday Makers to skilled professionals looking for a long-term placement.

Alliance Abroad does pre-screening, document vetting and most importantly offers detailed support throughout the process. We work closely with our applicants to prepare them prior to arrival and then they become part of the Alliance Abroad family when they arrive in Australia. We assist with bank accounts, tax file numbers, mobile phones, accommodation search and more. We undertake regular check-ins with host employers and participants to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Culinary & Hospitality
Trainee Program

This program is for both candidates currently in Australia and applying from overseas.

The Trainee Program is designed for individuals with 1-2 years culinary or hospitality experience to come to Australia and follow an individual workplace based training plan that allows them to build their resume and enhance their skills. AAG Australia is s a Commonwealth supported and official sponsor of the Training visa (subclass 407). This means we have the ability to sponsor both on-shore and off-shore culinary/ hospitality candidates and place them with approved host employers.

Work and Travel Program

This program is for people aged 18-30 who want to explore and have an authentic experience of Australia. They arrive on a Working Holiday Maker (subclass 417 or 462) visa that permits the participant to work for between 6 and 12 months for the same employer. Our program is not for the traditional backpacker, but targets applicants that prefer the comfort and security of a pre-arranged position that allows them to save during their time in Australia. They are committed to both the program and the employer and wish to grow their skills during their time abroad.

Skilled Professional Program

AAG’s Skilled Professional program is available for individuals who are eligible for the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482).
As a host employer, you have the opportunity to sponsor experienced and committed culinary/hospitality professionals for a 4 year period. Some of the roles applicable for sponsorship include:

Chef de Partie | Sous Chef | Food and Beverage Manager | Restaurant Manager

Alliance Abroad works with the applicants to ensure they are visa-ready and comply with the requirements of the TSS visa. Depending on the employer’s needs, interviews can take place via virtual fairs or employers attending in-market Assessment Fairs.

Take a look at how an AAG International Assessment Fair works –view this video.

Real Stories

“I am writing to let you know of our excellent experience as part of the Alliance Abroad trainee chef programme. From the outset, communication has been clear between ourselves as a host employer and AAG, especially with any questions or support.


In addition, the quality of trainees has been first class, with each trainee having an excellent work ethic and a positive can do attitude. They have proved themselves to always be willing to learn and try new things and have exemplarily time management and grooming. I have found it is very difficult to find quality kitchen staff locally and this programme has certainly helped bridge that gap for our restaurant.


The trainees have also had a positive impact on other staff with their friendly demeanour and excellent work ethic.

The trainees have fitted in with our team very well, and have really become part of our work “family”


I would highly recommend the program to anyone in the hospitality industry looking for additional kitchen staff who are proven to be punctual, professional and fast learners.”


Jacqui Poulier


McCrae, Victoria

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